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Ayni Energy Processes

a workshop for hospice volunteers and staff

Ayni brings energy into harmony or right relationship. It is the fundamental concept of the indigenous peoples of the high mountains of Peru.  The practice of Ayni involves holding sacred space and renewing one’s radiant energy fields.  In this experiential workshop, participants discover the power of simple energy clearing techniques that help bring peace to those who are sick or dying. 

Designed for hospice volunteers, this 5-hour workshop is offered to organizations working with dying, death and grief.  Fees are set on a case-by-case basis. 


Learning Objectives

Workshop participants will:

  1. Create a personal method of opening and closing sacred space.

  2. Investigate the ways one might hold sacred space for a variety of people who perceive the world in different ways.

  3. Identify the chakras and master the clearing of the human energy field.

  4. Perform a decoupling of the fight or flight response and experience it in one’s own body.

  5. Recognize positional variations when performing a 7-chakra clearing or decoupling.

  6. Review resources, both print and digital, to assist in creating ayni for the dying.

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