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Conscious Caregiving: Resilient Self Care Practices 

Our capabilities as caregivers are intertwined with our state of being which includes: body awareness, balance, feelings of safety, curiosity, frustration, fatigue, anxiety and patterns of movement. 


This workshop care partners learn ways to build their resilience, maintain balance, and process complex emotions with provides a reliable and pleasant way to relax and restore ease and vitality to one’s state of being.  Participants will build an understanding of what their state of being is, in the moment, and integrate strategies to enhance it so that they are more prepared to care compassionately for themselves and others.


Learning Objectives


Participants in this workshop will:


  • ​Recognize and clarify some of the fundamental movement patterns they rely on every day.

  • Discover Awareness through Movement techniques that restore flexibility, energy and balance.​

  • Explore the concept of over care and the HeartMath® tools that enable a coherent state of being.

  • Build awareness of stepping in and stepping out of the roles that fill their lives.

  • Develop rituals and ceremonies that honor the thresholds that we cross while caring for ourselves and others.


This 14-hour workshop is appropriate for all kinds of care partners. 

Conscious Caregiving: Resilient Self Care Practices, a recording of 5 Awareness through Movement exercises, is available as a downloadable audio program.


Learn more and listen here.

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details & registration information coming soon 

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