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Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying

A 2-day Experiential Workshop         August 17-18, 2019       Boulder, Colorado

Discover mythic and energetic tools and practices to help

ease the pain and suffering of those confronted by death 

This 14-hour experiential workshop is designed to help people approach death consciously. Participants will discover and learn a variety of techniques to help the dying and their caregivers find a measure of peace. These tools and practices will expand your understanding of preparing for death as a rite of passage, including the psychological and emotional closure needed in the dying process.

Scientists and shamans agree that those who perform personal rituals transcend the stress of loss.This program draws from the wisdom of the ancient traditions as well as current research in the field.  Participants have found their lives enriched and their work with clients transformed through the discovery of a new relationship with death. 


Step into ceremony to develop a new relationship to living with aging, dying and loss.

Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying is the signature offering of The Living & Dying Consciously Project. The course guidebook to Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying is available for an additional donation.

Learning Objectives

In this 2-day intensive, experiential workshop participants will:


  • Experience emotional, mythic and energetic techniques to prepare for death as a rite of passage.

  • Identify key attributes of the human energy field and explore methods of clearing and calming a person in distress.

  • Investigate many ways to open and close sacred space for the dying.

  • Discover different methods to assist in the practice of life review.

  • Experience the power of giving oneself permission to die.

  • Recognize the transformative nature of ritual and analyze basic elements that contribute to a successful ceremony.

  • Create an Aya Despcho, a prayer bundle for those who have died, and examine the ways in which participants may create an Aya Despacho ceremony for their community.


Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying is appropriate for all persons involved in the dying process: the individual, family members, death doulas, counselors, therapists, chaplains and medical support staff.  Each class has limited enrollment.  The master teachers work closely with students to ensure that participants master each technique. 


  Professional Hospice Registration  


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