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Step into ceremony on Dia de los Muertos

to honor those who have departed.


In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is an opportunity to commune with the ancestors and add support to their spiritual journey. An Aya Despacho, an Andean tradition, is a prayer bundle that symbolically creates a rainbow bridge between this world and the next. We combine these two traditions in order to offer members of our community a ceremony of thanksgiving, gratitude and appreciation.


This ceremony is hosted by The Living & Dying Consciously Project, a non-profit organization that helps individuals learn to live consciously with the knowledge that death is inevitable. We encourage you to step into ceremony, hold sacred space and practice rites of passage that honor the chapters and changes in your life.

We invite you to join us for this very special evening.
Seating is limited.  RSVP required.
Please use the form below to reserve your place.
$5.00 suggested donation. Donate online our at the door.
No one turned away for lack of funds.
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