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Death: A Rite of Passage

The journey to death in our society is frequently a lonely one. Those who are dying may have no map to follow and no one to share the experience.


In this interactive presentation participants explore literal, emotional, mythic and energetic processes that enable family members, caretakers, medical and hospice staff, grief counselors, and chaplains to more actively support the dying. In doing so, participants become more engaged to witness the final passage, celebrate the accomplishment of navigating death as a rite of passage and have a greater sense of their own journey to come. 


Learning Objectives


  • Recognize the importance of preparing for death using literal, emotional, mythic and energetic techniques.

  • Investigate ways to hold sacred space for the dying.

  • Explore the current research on life review and ways to become a story catcher.

  • Experience the transformative nature of ritual and ceremony.

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