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The Power of rituals

References of Interest 


These references were prepared for participants in the IANDS Conference Workshop on September 2, 2021 presented by Kitty Edwards.

Walking the Labyrinth of Grief
Tools, Practices and Rituals for Living with Loss


 Based on our popular in-person workshops and now enhanced and updated as a LIVE online class that you can experience from anywhere, Walking the Labyrinth of Grief calls forth the knowledge of the ancient wisdom keepers to offer simple tools and practices to support those who are living with loss. 

Class begins October 13, 2021

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Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying Guidebook

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The Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying Guidebook draws from the wisdom of ancient traditions as well as current research in the field. Preparing for death as a rite of passage expands our understanding of the psychological and emotional closure needed in the dying process - literally, emotionally, mythically & energetically. Clinicians have found that their lives are enriched and their work with clients is shifted through the discovery of a new relationship with death. ORDER YOUR COPY


Conscious Caregiving Series

 Stories, rituals and resources for navigating your caregiver's journey  This blog and video series by Kitty Edwards is designed to assist those caring for a loved one moving toward the threshold of death. Each of the 18 unique modules covers a single topic – such as self-care, grief, family dynamics, dementia, spousal caregiving and more –  to help you navigate your caregiver's journey. New modules are delivered to your inbox weekly.  SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR FREE

Death: A Rite of Passage Resources    click for access

Recommended Books 

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