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References of Interest 


These references were prepared for the Concsicious Transitions: Living with Dying workshop in Denver, Colorado, Aug. 20-21, 2016.  

Click on the title link to access an organization’s website or book reference.  Click on download to read the articles.




  • ​“Accommodation: When Communicating about End of Life Issues, It Matters How People Speak” by Nick Jehlen (download)

  • “In Search of a Good Death: Observations of Patients, Families and Providers” by Karen E. Steinhauser, et al., Annals of Internal Medicine (download)

  • “Why I Hope to Die at 75” by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, The Atlantic Monthly (download)

  • “How Doctors Die: Showing Other the Way” by Dan Gorenstein, The New York Times (download)

  • “Children’s Book List” from the National Home Funeral Alliance (download)





  • “No Regrets: Living with Dying” by Kitty Edwards, Natural Transitions Magazine (download)

  •  “Dignity Therapy: A Novel Psychotherapeutic Intervention for Patients Near the End of Life by Harvey Max         Chochinov, et al., Journal of Clinical Oncology (download)

  • “Life Review: Implementation, Theory, Research, and Therapy by David Haber, International Journal of Aging and   Human Development (download)

  • “Life Review in Critical Care: Possibilities at the End of Life” by Mimi Jenko et. al., Critical Care Nurse (download)

  • “Wild Darkness” by Eva Saulitis, Orion Magazine (download)

  • “What it Means to ‘Hold Space’ for People. Plus Eight Tips on How to Do it Well” by Heather Plett, blog (download)

  • “10 Tips for Vigiling” by Megory Anderson, blog (download)

  • “Therapeutic Essential Oils for the Dying the Their Caretakers” by Disa Van Orman, blog (download)

  • “How to Write an Ethical Will: A Love Letter to the Future” by Susan R. Donlan, The Huffington Post  (download)





  • ​“Death as a Rite of Passage” by Kitty Edwards , Natural Transitions Magazine (download)

  • “Aya Despacho: A Prayer Package for the Deady” by Kitty Edwards,Natural Transitions Magazine (download)

  • “As Death Draws Near, Permission to Die” by Kellie Kintz,  et al, blog (download)



The Living & Dying Consciously Project offers Conscious Transitions a triad of 2-day, experiential workshops that will help you develop specific tools to bring peace to the process of dying, death and grief.  Living with Dying, Once Upon a Time and Gifts of Grief are offered throughout the year.  Scientists and shamans agree that people, in every culture, who perform personal rituals transcend the stress of change and loss.  LEARN MORE


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