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Prayer for Opening Sacred Space



We call on Spirits of the West, and the rains that wash away the things we no longer need.

Clear us and moisten the seeds of hope and peace.

Give us strength to speak our truth and know our authentic selves, that we may walk with courage and integrity.



We call on the Spirits of the North, the Breath of Life.

Assist our healing, for mind, body and soul.

Bring the music of the Universe to us, for joy and celebration of our soul’s work.

Blow away any fog that obstructs our soul’s path.




We call on the Spirits of the East, of Fire and Morning Light.

Give us Vision for the manifestation of our grandest dreams.

Allow us to see the future with hope and enthusiasm.




We call on the Spirits of the South, the Earth upon which all her beings live.

Help us stay on the narrow path of the Good Red Road and to find community that supports, loves and nurtures us.

Share your abundance and teach us to use the Earth’s resources with discernment and gratitude.



We call on the Spirits of the Earth, which ground our spiritual essence to the earthly human experience.

Show us our place in the Circle of Life and teach us to use the gifts of Mother Earth with gratitude and moderation for the benefit of all her creatures.



We call on the Spirits of Above, the Illuminated Ones who Source from the Great Mystery.

Help us to open to the synchronicities and miracles or your timeless, space less domain.

Align each of us with our Higher Selves and with the Guides and Angels who intervene in our behalf.

Guide us to Oneness.                                                                 


- courtesy of Christine Hart, Energy Processes

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