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Conscious Caregiving: Resilient Self Care Practices transforms your sense of health and wellness, so that you may be more prepared to care compassionately for yourself and others. 


Our caretaking abilities are intertwined with our state of being which includes: body awareness, balance, feelings of safety, curiosity, frustration, fatigue, anxiety and patterns of movement. 


These five lessons provide a reliable and pleasant way to relax and restore ease and vitality to one’s state of being and enhance resilience.


Conscious Caregiving - MP3

  • Deborah Edwards-Steinmann is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and the founder of Moving Through Milestones. She has 18 years of experience using the Feldenkrais Methods of Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement® successfully with a wide variety of people from new born babies to those in their nineties. 

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