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  • Kitty Edwards

Step Into Ceremony

“Sacred ceremony helps us bring our being into alignment with the natural flow and rhythm of life.” Steven D. Foster

For thousands of years humans have used ceremony to commemorate the stages in their lives. In the past, ceremonies validated our steps through the thresholds of birth, adulthood, marriage, parenthood, elder and death. And, in doing so our transitions were accomplished with greater ease.

In our modern society the use of ceremony for the thresholds in our lives have been mostly lost or have become disconnected from our spiritual and emotional growth.

Participating in ceremony helps us step away from our individual emotions and sense of self into a grander relationship with the archetypal energies which give us a sense of connection with all those who have come before and those who will come after. It is through ceremony that we may find comfort and the ability to embrace the cycles of life and death.

Ceremonies can be extravagant events or simple daily rituals that we embellish by being conscious of our thoughts, words, movements, and deeds. A shower can become a ceremony of a fresh start for the day, washing away the past and inviting in the future. A blessing before a meal can make us conscious of all the plants, animals and humans who have brought to our table delicious foods and essential nourishment.

Step into ceremony today to expand your potential.

Quote from Steven D Farmer, Sacred Ceremony, How to Create Ceremonies for Healing, Transitions, and Celebrations, p. xvii.

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