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  • Kitty Edwards

Death Rites Bring Peace to the Dying

From the moment you were born, your death has walked beside you.” – John O’Donohue.

In my private practice I have experienced amazing shifts in my clients. The techniques I have learned from the wisdom keepers around the world are amazing. I work with people who are facing death. Each of their journeys are filled with anxiety and fear. How will I manage? Where am I going?

Ron was a hard driving, athletic man before he began having random bleeds in his brain. After the first incidence he worked hard with speech and physical therapists to recover. After the second and third bleed, recovery was not as easy. Plus, he began to fear that he would never be the man he used to be. When I met Ron he could walk but had problems with balance and strength. He could comprehend others but had difficulty communicate well verbally.

During my bi-weekly sessions with Ron, he did not have to try to communicate verbally. I simply went about my work using simple energetic practices. I opened sacred space, cleared his energy field and chakras of heavy energies, and sent him out on a spirit flight for several minutes so that he could experience the energy body separating from the physical body. During these sessions Ron relaxed on his bed with his eyes closed. Often he would fall asleep.

I would give him homework to help him step into the mythic world that existed all around him. I might ask him to dream in guidance from a great bird, to sit by a river and listen to the music of the rippling water, or watch the sun set for five days and compare the light, the clouds, and his own emotions. No verbal report was necessary. I would simply ask, “Did you learn something since I last visited.” He would nod “yes” and smile.

Ron died almost two years after we started working together. His wife wrote:

Session after session I watched Ron become more and more comfortable in who he was becoming. The fact that he continued to have many small strokes which took away a little bit more of his thinking, reasoning and physical abilities seemed to be just what was happening on the physical plane. Because on the etheric level he was understanding that he was an amazing being and that there is actually nothing to fear.”

I had the honor of being with Ron just before he died. Once again, I opened sacred space, cleared his energy field and chakras of heavy energies, and sent him out on a spirit flight. I sensed that Ron was ready to cross over. He had experienced this journey many times. This time he would simply continue on.

Learn to perform these energy processes in our Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying workshop.

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