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  • Kitty Edwards

Mortal, A Film Review

Mortal is a visual dance of our human experience that is intertwined with birth and death. From the husband and wife filmmaking team of Bobby Sheehan and Sara Feldman Sheehan (who discuss the film in the video above), this unique documentary reminds us that we are born to learn how to die. Mortal brings this truth to us with tenderness and hope.

How do we cope with end-of-life care? How do we live on beyond the death of a beloved? How can we heal our suffering? It takes courage to truly live with dying.

Mortal captures many stories of those who are challenged with conscious caregiving, disabilities and terminal illness. Plus, it captures new ways we care for our loved ones, their remains, and ourselves after a death. You can watch the full trailer here.

The Living & Dying Consciously Project is hosting a screening of Mortal in Boulder, Colorado November 9-12, 2016, at the Boedecker Theatre at the Dairy Arts Center. On Thursday, November 10, I will be joined by Kim Mooney, Practically Dying, to lead a talkback discussion after the film. Tickets and more information is available here. Seating in the Boedecker is limited, and advance tickets are strongly suggested.

This is a wonderful tool to start conversations about changing one’s relationship with death. I highly recommend that you watch this film and schedule a screening in your community.

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