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  • Kitty Edwards

Celebrating the Sun

Summertime is always the best of what might be."

– Charles Bowden

The Summer Solstice – marking the beginning of Summer and the longest day of the year in the Northern hemishpere – is a time of magic. On the night of June 20/21, we celebrate our sun’s journey to its northernmost point, directly above the Tropic of Cancer.

It is an auspicious time, a time to balance the elements of fire and water, and long celebrated by the ancient wisdom keepers whose sacred temples were designed to align with the sun’s trajectory at this time of the year.

Even today, scientists have noted that Summer is the “happiest” time of year because the additional sunshine can lessen the effects of depression.

So, how will you celebrate this Summer Solstice? Keep reading to discover just a few ideas to help get you started in creating your own ritual or celebration, and share some of your own.


Sing and dance the sun up in the morning. The “Morning Sun Chant” is a lovely way to greet the sun each morning:

Morning sun, morning sun, come my way, come my way.

Come my way, come my way, take my pain, take my pain.

Take my pain, take my pain, down below, down below.

Down below, down below, cool waters down below.

Watch (left) as Sandra Ingerman and her students greet the sun with this chant.

Once you have completed this ritual, enjoy a feast of strawberries and lemonade with your companions.


Every tree is the axis mundi connecting the earth and the heavens. The trunk, limbs, and leaves reach up, capturing the sunlight. The roots stretch down into the earth soaking up nutrients and water. Ask a tree to be a sacred altar, holding your wishes, blessings and gratitude on this Summer Solstice. Invite your community to join you in this celebration.


Celebrate the shortest night of the year with a fire ceremony dedicated to our star brothers and sisters. Once again, sing songs for our sun. You Are My Sunshine, Sunshine on My Shoulders, Good Day Sunshine, You are the Sunshine of My Life, Let the Sunshine In (Aquarius) and Walking on Sunshine are just a few. Remember to open sacred space honoring all of the fires in your life.

Sleep under the stars on the Summer Solstice. Bring along some fern seed to rub on your eyelids. If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the faerie folk at the stroke of midnight. In dreamtime, ask the sun to fill your heart with joy.

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