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  • Kitty Edwards

Ritual: Track Your Emotions

Once a terminal diagnosis is delivered, we step onto a new path with a specific destination and few maps to guide us. The emotional turbulence that ensues can overwhelm even the bravest explorer.

In our modern society we tend to be emotionally illiterate. It is helpful to build an emotional vocabulary now so that, in times of turbulence, we are better able to express our needs.

This month we challenge you to practice a ritual of tracking your emotions.

Karla McLaren, author of The Language of Emotions, suggests that each emotion we experience has a gift for us. Fear brings attentiveness and focus. Guilt offers us a chance for atonement. If we learn to identify our emotions, we are more able to ask for the help we need.

This is more difficult that you may think.

We offer you some assistance in the Conscious Transitions Spring Workbook (Part III).

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