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  • Kitty Edwards

RITUAL: Body Scan

We seek renewal through rituals. They provide a period of timelessness in which we may pause, focus in the moment, and rejoice in gratitude for all that we share.

Routine rituals – bathing, brushing, exercise, sleep – maintain the body in peak condition. It is also important to allow time to let the body speak for itself.

This month we ask you to step into ceremony with your body.

A body scan is a way to be mindful of your beautiful, strong body that has carried you in this life. Its wisdom is vast. It knows everything about you. Living consciously requires each of us to live fully in our bodies.

Take time to stop, listen and let go with your body. You will be amazed at what you learn.

We offer you some instructions for a body scan ritual in the Conscious Transitions – Spring 2019 Workbook (Part V).

For more information about other rituals to prepare for death as a rite of passage, we invite you to explore out Guidebook to Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying.

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