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  • Kitty Edwards

Spring Awakening

“Wake at dawn with winged heart

and give thanks for another day of loving.”

– Kahlil Gibran

In my neighborhood, birds are building nests and butterflies are migrating northward. Crocuses are popping up even though snow lingers in the foothills.

It is Spring and time for new beginnings.

I am determined to update my Advance Health Care Directives this Spring.

Last week I visited with my personal attorney. She handed me a sheet of choices regarding artificial nutrition and hydration at the end of life. She asked about my choice of a Medical Health Care Agent. While these are good legal questions, it seemed to me that she had no idea how to create a truly personal and powerful Living Will.

You don’t need a lawyer to create an Advance Health Care Directive.

I know from experience that things can get complicated at the end of life. Without a personal statement of your wishes family members and friends may work at cross purposes to care for you.

If you have articulated your choices and shared them with your family, they will be more empowered to fulfill your wishes.

I also know that sometime wishes cannot be fulfilled. For example, your care may be too complicated for you to return home to die. Alternative choices are helpful in these situations.

This month I have developed a set of questions to help me speak clearly about my end-of-life care choices. I share them with you in Conscious Transitions – Spring 2019 Workbook (Part III).

With a spring in our step, let’s jump into the deep end together.

Kitty Edwards, Executive Director

Boulder, Colorado

Part III of the Conscious Transitions Workbook – Spring 2019 will help you start the process of creating your Advance Health Care Directive with worksheets, thought-provoking questions, techniques to build your emotional vocabulary and resources to help you jump in.

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