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  • Kitty Edwards

Let It Shine

“Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in, the sun shine in…”

~ Aquarius, Hair

I am house sitting for friends this month. Their house is perched on the summit of a hill overlooking Boulder Valley. The view is spectacular. More wondrous is the number of birds that flit by, offering a tune or a flash of color. This morning, I was entertained by a host of adventurers going about their day. Robins chirped at the top of spruce trees. A Rufous-sided Towhee scrambled through a bush offering a flick of his tail feathers as he sang a sweet song. A Red-tailed Hawk circled above searching for breakfast, while finches chattered as they flocked from tree to tree. With majesty a Great Blue Heron flew past seeking a source for water. More than the sheer number of creatures, I was impressed by the individuality of movement, purpose and song. Each expressed themselves with character and beauty. I forget sometimes how important diversity is in life. We each have color, shape and movement. We each have stories, hopes and dreams. Many VA hospitals recognize this and engage in a project called My Story, My Life. By placing a 1000-word biography in a patient’s chart the hospital staff feels more connected to the patient. Researchers confirm that when caregivers know more about their patients, the better the patients heal. Preparing unique Advance Care Directives is important work for each of us. How else will healthcare professionals know the flavor of you? Since January, through the monthly workbooks for Conscious Transitions, we have answered questions, completed research and pondered options. We are now ready to create our documents. This month’s workbook will guide you through the process of completing your documents. [Conscious Transitions – Summer 2019 Workbook Part VI] Are you with me? Let’s get the job done.

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