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  • Kitty Edwards

Ritual: Create Your Own Sacred Space

The wisdom keepers of this world are masters of shifting subtle energies. They know a multitude of ways to create sacred spaces using nature, light, sound, color, and sacred objects.

It is inspiring to discover that 40,000 years ago we humans honored the animals we hunted by drawing them on the walls of sacred caves (France).

While in 800 CE, the temples of Borobudur (Island of Java) were constructed to symbolize the Buddhist cosmology of three worlds – the world of desire, the world of forms and the world of formlessness. Visitors sense the shifting energies of these sacred spaces with their 504 sacred Buddhas.

At the same historical time the Gate of the Sun was constructed on the Pumapunku of Tiwanaku (Bolivia). The east-west orientation of the temple was designed to honor the path of the sun. This sacred space encapsulates the belief that the residents lived at the center of the world.

Each of these sacred spaces have subtle energies that echo the ripples of repeated rituals.

We travel great distances to experience these sacred spaces often without knowing that we can create sacred spaces in our homes, gardens and work spaces. It only takes time and a commitment to step into ceremony with yourself.

This month we invite you to create your own sacred space.

Our modern lives are full of movement, noise, and distraction. To maintain balance, it is healing to create a sacred space to calm nerves and soothe the soul.

Explore, invent, and design the space and the rituals you wish to use to remind you that you are connected to all that is. In your own sacred space, you will find a place of peace and reflection.

A daily practice of opening and closing sacred space with attention and intention will shift your world view.

You may find instructions for creating your sacred space in Conscious Transitions – Summer 2019 Workbook (Part VII).

For more information about other rituals to prepare for death as a rite of passage, we invite you to explore our Guidebook to Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying.

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