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  • Kitty Edwards

Of courage, compassion and connection

The Spring Equinox is a time for new beginnings.

For me it is an introspective time for reflecting on the past and casting a grappling hook out into the future. It is a time to plant the seeds of my becoming. In 2021, I find this ritual most relevant in regard to the year we have just lived through.

This year of living with loss is poignant. Lost loved ones. Lost jobs. Lost expectations.

I, like you, have sheltered at home and experienced the world through stories told by others. In my cocoon, every day I put on my uniform of black pants, black shirt and black hoodie. I established a routine of working, eating and walking. There were no adventures to mark any day as more special than another.

Now, I feel I need motivation to step into the Spring with enthusiasm and hope.

On Saturday, March 20 I will celebrate the equinox by planting my seeds of Courage, Compassion, and Connection. I feel each of these core values needs strengthening after my recumbent year. To help me grow these seeds into strong living organisms, I match them with the spiritual nature of an herb I want to grow in my rooftop garden.

I link Courage to Spearmint to increase my personal strength and build up my fortitude to confront challenging situations.

To enhance my Compassion, I choose Marjoram to aid in healing, cleansing and dispersing any negativity.

My Connection will be enlaced with Holy Basil. According to legend and lore, Holy Basil serves as a guide for astral travel and is a guardian of the gates to the afterlife. Basil is also a medium for love. I call on all of my connections to enliven my re-entry into the outer world.

Between the equinox and the summer solstice, I will grow my seeds intentionally giving them my attention. I am curious to see what the summer brings as my butterfly wings unfold in the sun’s warm embrace.

Wishing you many new sprouts in your life,


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