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Death: A Rite of Passage

References of Interest 


Preparing for Death as a Rite of Passage requires courage and creativity. We hope you will step into ceremony, hold sacred space and practice rites of passage to honor the chapters in your life. 

These references were prepared for viewers of the Death: A Rite of Passage webinar series

Click on the links below  to access an organization’s website or book reference.  Click on (download) to read or save the articles.

Literal Instructions



  • ​“Accommodation: When Communicating about End of Life Issues, It Matters How People
    Speak” by Nick Jehlen, A Common Practice White Paper (download)

  • “Dying is a Transition” by Monika Renz, et al. American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine

  • “How Doctors Die: Showing Other the Way” by Dan Gorenstein, The New York Times (download

  • “How to Make Doctors Think About Death” by Theresa Brown, The New York Times (download)

  • “In Search of a Good Death: Observations of Patients, Families and Providers” by Karen E. 
        Steinhauser, et al., Annals of Internal Medicine (download)


Emotional Pathways





  • “No Regrets: Living with Dying,“ by Kitty Edwards, Natural Transitions Magazine (download)

  • ​"Don’t Tell Me When I am Going To Die,” by BJ Miller and Shoshana Berger, New York Times (download)

  • “Grief and Loss as Alzheimer’s Progresses,” Alzheimer’s Association (download)

  • “How Cancer Changes Hope,” by Kate Bowler, New York Times (download)

  • “In Life’s Last Moments, Open a Window” by Rachel Clarke, New York Times (download)

  •  “We Fear Dying, But What If Dying Isn’t as Bad as We Think? The Guardian (download)


Mythic Journeys



  • “Dignity Therapy: A Novel Psychotherapeutic Intervention for Patients Near the End of Life" by Harvey Max Chochinov, et al., Journal of Clinical Oncology (download)

  • “Death as a Rite of Passage” by Kitty Edwards, Natural Transitions Magazine (download)

  • “Children’s Book List” from the National Home Funeral Alliance (download)

  • “How to Write an Ethical Will: A Love Letter to the Future” by Susan R. Donlan, Huffington Post (download)

  • “Life Review in Critical Care: Possibilities at the End of Life” by Mimi Jenko et. al., Critical Care Nurse

  • “Life Review: Implementation, Theory, Research, and Therapy by David Haber, International Journal of Aging and Human Development  (download)

  • “Wild Darkness” by Eva Saulitis, Orion Magazine (download)


Energetic Processes



  • ​"An Integrative Review of Scientific Evidence for Reconnective Healing,” by Ann L. Baldwin and Natalie L. Trent, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (download)

  • “Healing, Spirituality and Integrative Medicine,” by David M. Steinhorn, Jana Din, and Angela 
    Johnson, Annals of Palliative Medicine (download)

  • "Biofield Physiology: A Framework for an Emerging Discipline," by Richard Hammerschlag, Global Advances in Health and Medicine (download)

  • “What it Means to ‘Hold Space’ for People. Eight Tips on How to Do It Well” by Heather Plett  (download)


Step into Ceremony



  • “Aya Despacho: A Prayer Package for the Dead” by Kitty Edwards, Natural Transitions Magazine (download)

  • “10 Tips for Vigiling” by Megory Anderson, Sacred Dying Foundation (download)

  • “11 Ways Rituals Help Us Celebrate Our Lives,” by Abigail Brenner, Psychology Today  (download)

  • “Why Rituals Work,” by Francesca Gino and Michael I. Norton, Scientific American (download)


Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying

The Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying Guidebook draws from the wisdom of ancient traditions as well as current research in the field. Preparing for death as a rite of passage expands our understanding of the psychological and emotional closure needed in the dying process - literally, emotionally, mythically & energetically. Clinicians have found that their lives are enriched and their work with clients is shifted through the discovery of a new relationship with death. ORDER YOUR COPY


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