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To be blessed in death, one must learn to live. 

To be blessed in life, one must learn to die.

 - Philippe de Mornay

The Living & Dying Consciously Project

Helping individuals learn to live consciously  – through all of life's passages –

with the knowledge that death is inevitable.

Enjoy our free gifts 

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Living with loss and working with grief is a process of being present to yourself and re-awakening your connections to the world through personal practices.

15 Rituals for Living with Loss & Grief is a colorful, 16-page eBook that includes simple, step-by-step instructions for 15 unique practices to open your mind and body to the possibilities of living fully with purpose and joy.

Our Well of Grief Ritual is a colorful, 20-page eBook that includes simple, step-by-step instructions for a powerfully transformation guided practice to help release regrets and grief. 


It is our free gift to you.

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Stories, rituals and resources for navigating your caregiver's journey

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