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Helping individuals learn to live consciously 

– through life's passages –

with the knowledge that death is inevitable.

Virtually all spiritual traditions share the inherent treasures of ceremony, sacred space and rites of passage.

Today, many of these ancient wisdom practices are long buried or forgotten. Current rituals have lost vibrancy and meaning in today's modern world. It is the goal of The Living & Dying Consciously Project to seek out traditional rituals and imbue them with new life so that they may become accessible and meaningful for us today, bringing ancient traditions to the modern world. 

We encourage you to step into ceremony, hold sacred space and practice rites of passage that honor the chapters and changes in your life. Through the creation of newly energized rites of passage you may walk with courage during times of challenge and transition. 

The mission of The Living & Dying Consciously Project is to empower individuals to build resilience as they navigate the complexities of living with loss, aging and dying.


We strive to develop a conscious community of teachers, caregivers and health professionals who will offer ceremonies, meditations and workshops in their own communities. We endeavor to develop old, yet new rituals sourced from the wisdomkeepers throughout the world.


We offer workshops and educational materials to assist you to expand your potential by experiencing the power of ceremony in your life.

Our Mission

The Living & Dying Consciously Project is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. Our organization does not prescribe treatment for any psychological, medical or physical condition. We provide information as a public service about techniques of consciously addressing the dying process. None of our activities are intended to be, and none should be construed as medical services or advice.


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