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Conscious Transitions - Living with Dying Guidebook 


The Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying guidebook draws from the wisdom of ancient traditions as well as current research in the field. Preparing for death as a rite of passage expands our understanding of the psychological and emotional closure needed in the dying process. Clinicians have found that their lives are enriched and their work with clients is shifted through the discovery of a new relationship with death.

This guidebook presents information about literal, emotional, mythic, energetic, and ceremonial tools. It also suggests various rituals that help to prepare for death as a rite of passage. It is hoped that the personal stories and illustrative quotes will help you expand your imagination as you create your own unique rite of passage.

This guidebook was originally created to support workshops in Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying, but is appropriate for all persons involved in the dying process: the individual who is dying, family members, friends, caregivers, counselors, therapists, chaplains and medical support staff – whether or not they have taken the workshop. Readers will discover and explore a variety of techniques to help the dying person and their loved ones find peace.


This guidebook will help you:

  • Develop literal, emotional, mythic and energetic techniques to prepare for death as a rite of passage.

  • Recognize the need for instructional documents that can be implemented in times of need.

  • Understand and practice techniques that support emotional balance as you approach the threshold of death.

  • Discover different literal and mythic methods to assist in the practice of life review and finding purpose in life.

  • Identify key attributes of the human energy field and explore methods of clearing and calming a person in distress.

  • Recognize the transformative nature of ritual and ceremony and understand the basic elements of each



Conscious Transitions is available in two formats:

eBook / Digital Download  $15.00  

Softcover - printed and bound   $25.00 


Visit Our Store to order a an eBook or printed copy 


The Living & Dying Consciously Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. With a mission to help individuals live consciously through life's transitions, we rely on your donations to help us produce workshops and educational materials. 

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