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Five Practices to Live with No Regrets

Many people express regrets at the end of their lives, reflecting back and musing “if only….” Most of these regrets are straightforward and universal, and have been well chronicled in recent bestsellers and media articles.  But what if a simple, personal reminder about how to embody life more fully could help to change that pattern?


In this workshop participants will experience the power of the five practices of the No Regrets Project: Be Grateful Everyday; Trust – Take the Risk; Choose Joy; Courage to Be Me and Love Myself & Share It. Using the tools of the ancients – breath, stones and altars – we step into the ceremony of our own lives. 


Learning Objectives


Participants in this workshop will:


  1. Learn about Patti Pansa, the co-founder of the No Regrets Project, and the story behind the project.

  2. Embrace the concepts of gratitude, trust, joy, courage and love for oneself.

  3. Inhabit and move through their personal grief, fear and the need to surrender.

  4. Discover the gifts beneath regrets.

  5. Integrate their experience through the use of the No Regrets Lotus Altar.


This 1-hour, experiential presentation is offered at no cost to community groups. We are in the process of developing an online course for communities that do not have a trained presenter. 

Contact us for information on bringing the No Regrets workshop to your community.


Compassionate Approaches to Living & Dying Conference

December 8-10, 2017

Naropa University   I   Boulder, Colorado

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