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Be Grateful Everyday.

Let the No Regrets bracelet remind you to Be Grateful Everyday. 

Sign up below for an opportunity to win a No Regrets "Be Grateful Everyday" bracelet. We'll announce the winner on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2016 on our Facebook page.

Researchers tell us that people who regularly practice gratitude are more optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic.  In general, those that express appreciation function at a “higher level” and build communities and organizations that function at a “higher level.”

Join us in deepening our practice
of gratitude in 2017.

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Give the gift of No Regrets bracelets this holiday season. 

They will serve to remind us to Be Grateful Everyday, Trust – Take the Risk, Choose Joy, have the Courage to Be Me, and Love Myself & Share It.

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