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  • Kitty Edwards

Of gratitude, grief and giving

The holidays are difficult for those who are grieving. And so many of us this year are grieving.

Grieving for lost loved ones, for lost relationships, for lost dreams and expectations, for lost time, for the way things used to be.

Developing practices to honor and release our grief is an essential part of living. During this holiday season of thanks and giving, our gift to you is a free, downloadable guide to our Well of Grief Ritual.

The Well of Grief Ritual is a colorful, 20-page instructive eBook with a simple, step-by-step guided practice to help release regrets and grief. All you need is three stones and a vessel of water.

The intention of this ritual is to honor your regrets and grief. Blowing them into a stone and releasing them into the water is an action of letting go after you have honored them with your attention.

This ritual can be practiced in private or in community with family, friends or colleagues.

The Well of Grief Ritual is our gift for all those who grieve, and for those who serve. For caregivers, essential workers, hospital and hospice workers, nurses and doctors, first responders and our service men and women and veterans.

And if you know someone who has suffered a recent loss, I invite you to share this ritual with them too.

Wishing you hope for the holidays,



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