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  • Kitty Edwards

Ritual: Heart-Focused™ Breathing

Scientists have traditionally focused their research on the heart’s response to the brain’s directives. In contrast, the HeartMath Institute has discovered that the heart and brain are in a constant two-way dialog. Their research indicates that that the heart provides a gateway to accessing intuition and inner wisdom. In stressful situations it is important to develop techniques that allow you to have situational awareness even as the emotions of fear and anxiety blur your interpretation of events. We have found that Heart-Focused™ Breathing, a technique developed by the HeartMath Institute , can be a powerful tool for caregivers and those facing the end of their lives. This month we challenge you to develop a ritual practice of Heart-Focused™ Breathing. This is the initial step to shifting out of a stress reaction. It takes practice to master this ritual technique. If you stick with it, you will increase your ability to create coherence, improve your brain function, and develop a sense of ease. We offer you some instruction in the Conscious Transitions – Spring 2019 Workbook (Part IV).

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