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As a community of teachers and healing practitioners, The Living & Dying Consciously Project develops and offers workshops, training and educational materials to to help those facing end of life find the courage to release their fears.


We draw from the wisdom teachings of ancient cultures to create and share contemporary rituals and ceremonies that honor the journey, lighten the heart and touch the soul. 


We know from experience that peace can be found in times of transition and grief through the use of literal, mythical and energetic processes that embrace death as a rite of passage. 


Please visit our events calendar for dates and additional details of upcoming workshops and events.

Conscious Transitions Living with Dying

Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying is our signature workshop – an experiential  2-day course during which participants learn and practice ancient techniques to help the dying and their caretakers manage the complexities of death and find a measure of peace. These techniques will expand your understanding of the psychological and emotional closure needed in the dying process. Scientists and shamans agree that those who perform personal rituals transcend the stress of loss.


This workshop has evolved from Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey, developed by the Institute for Energy Medicine and The Four Winds Society.


Ayni Energy Processes

In Quechua, the native language of the high mountains of Peru,  ayni means to bring things into balance. In this 5-hour, experiential workshop, participants practice ways to hold sacred space and perform simple energy processes that relieve pain and emotional suffering.  On completion, participants are certified to practice Ayni Energy Processes, Level 1.  


Reserved for hospice volunteers and professional staff.  Contact us  to arrange a workshop for your hospice organization


No Regrets Practices

No Regrets are guiding principles to help us live our lives fully and arrive at the end with no regrets. These five simple practices (Courage to Be Me; Trust. Take the Risk; Choose Joy; Be Grateful Everyday; and Love Myself & Share It) serve as beacons to give us direction.


We offer a 1.5 hour presentation on the No Regrets Project and its ritual meditation at no cost to community groups.  Contact us for more  information on bringing the No Regrets Meditation to your community. 


Conscious Caregiving: Resilient Self Care Practices

Our abilities as caregivers are intertwined with our state of being which includes: body awareness, balance, feelings of safety, curiosity, frustration, fatigue, anxiety and patterns of movement.  This workshop provides a reliable and pleasant way to relax and restore ease and vitality to one’s state of being.  Participants will build an understanding of what their state of being is, in the moment, and integrate strategies to enhance it.  The Conscious Caregiving: Resilient Self Care practices help to transform the participant’s sense of health and wellness, so that they may be more prepared to care compassionately for themselves and others. 


The journey to death in our society is frequently a lonely one. Participants in this interactive, day-long workshop explore literal, mythic and energetic processes that allow family members, caretakers, chaplains, counselors, and medical professionals to actively support those who are dying. This workshop offers hands-on instruction in shamanic end-of-life practices and rituals, including granting permission to die, clearing one’s energy field, holding sacred space, and engaging the spirits.  


Death as a Rite of Passage

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Conscious Caregiving: Resilient Self Care Practices is also available as a downloadable audio program. Learn more and listen here.


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