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  • Kitty Edwards

We're Grateful Everyday

It's been a few days since we first offered the No Regrets bundle – including a No Regrets Meditation, Lotus Flower Altar, and interactive Journal, and the response has been overwhelming.

We're grateful – everyday – for the support we've received.

I hope you've had a chance to begin working with these unique tools and practices to assist you on your way to living a life without regrets. And if you haven't downloadable your free gift bundle yet, you can get yours here.

Have you discovered which one works best for you?

I use them all regularly, and I've seen what a difference they've made in my own life.

Here are a few tips:

First, recognize a regret you hold. (Remember, regrets hold us back from experiencing our full potential. That's why letting go of them can be so powerful.)

Release it with your breath into a stone of your choosing. Think of the lesson that you have learned from that regret and blow it into another stone. Then honor your regrets and the lessons they bring.

This is the way you Love Yourself.

Why do we use breath and stones? The indigenous peoples of the high mountains of Peru taught me that stones can hold information for us. The out-breath is a powerful instrument of releasing those things that no longer serve. With your in-breath you invite in the essence of life.

I had regrets when I quit teaching high school after 15 years. I loved my job but I had to make a change. I was exhausted, anxious and totally burned out. It took years to find a way to return to teaching in a balanced and self-caring way.

My regrets helped me find the wisdom to build better habits of eating well, exercise and rest. I now cherish my dream time as much as the time I spend with students. My teaching fills me with joy and boosts my energies.

By working with my regrets, I have found ways to love myself first and then share it with others.

Grief often accompanies regret. Allow your grief to surface. Honor it and release it into your stone. You can even carry your stone in your purse or pocket to use throughout the day. Use it whenever a regret bubbles up in your thoughts.

The No Regrets Meditation allows you to step into ceremony with the five practices of the No Regret Project: Be Grateful Everyday, Trust – Take the Risk, Courage to Be Me, Choose Joy and Love Myself & Share It.

You can break the meditation into smaller pieces and work on a single practice for a week. At the moment, I am working on Be Grateful Everyday.

I use the No Regrets Lotus Flower Altar to set my intention for the day. I blow my intention into a stone and place it on the Be Grateful Everyday petal of the altar. After a week, I rinse off the 7 stones with water and use them again the following week.

Creating a Be Grateful Everyday journal is a wonderful way to build your gratitude muscle. As you collect the large and the small things you are grateful for, you will begin to notice more delight in your life.

We are sharing the No Regrets bundle as a gift to you to help you increase your capacity for resilience, expand your potential and live without regrets.

Want to take your No Regrets practice even deeper?

I invite you to explore our No Regrets Rainbow Pouches. For a small donation, we will send you a colorful pouch with 6 stones and a No Regrets card for your wallet.

Or better still, consider sharing the practices with your friends, family and loved ones. Our set of 5 No Regrets Rainbow Pouches would make a lovely gift to bring forward and spread the No Regrets principles in your community,

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